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Candy Chang Visits New York Club

What do you think about when you stand at the top of Mount Tam and lookout over the Pacific? The awesome vista may be breath-taking, but does an evening in a chic New York club have more appeal? We all experience different thoughts, but sometimes it’s good to jot down our feelings and to share our experiences with others. Well, you may be surprised to learn that artist Candy Chang has found a unique way to bring people together and to enable them to share thoughts. In fact, the “Before I Die” board is now popular with communities, bars and clubs.

There are thousands of vibrant night New York City nightclubs, but some have more going for them than others. In general, most people go clubbing to let their hair down and forget their worries. Everyday life can be a bit boring, so what’s wrong with trying to spice things up a little? After losing someone close to her, Candy Chang, the New Orleans artist had a vision. Candy created a wall, not any old wall, but a “Before I Die” wall. So, how does Candy’s “bucket list” wall work?

Candy set to work and created a number of resources and tools that made it easy for people to add this unique wall to their community. The idea took off and a couple of years later the Candy Chang wall was popular in sixty countries and had been translated into thirty different languages.

The clubs in NYC loved her novel idea and many club owners became big Chang fans. Proxy residents felt they had found a kindred spirit because Candy’s wall embraced their way of thinking. People were actively encouraged to live for the moment and to add their thoughts to the community board.

Millions of us dream of sharing our hopes for the future, so why not stop at the corner of Octavia and Linden on November 8th to share your dreams. You may have had a weird experience on a train or a great time in a trendy New York club, so use your free time to enhance your creative output.