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Reviews are one of the main elements of nightlife on the internet. The experiences people had at the nightclubs can be known to others as well by reading the reviews they posted. The good services they receive and the flawed things they got in their sight are something that increases someone’s knowledge about the place. Well, Yelp reviews are a good way to know about the then unknown aspects and elements of the nightclub. And, the Yelp sites also lets you add pictures to your review. And while reading about other people’s reviews, you can make online reservations and buy online tickets.

And so Katra Yelp reviews are a good way to have a closer a look at the place. These Katra Yelp reviews provide you with complete for information that needs to be known by the people. The Katra Yelp reviews help you in discovering the place and assure you that the nightlife services you experience will take you to an ultimate level. Well, the Katra Yelp reviews guarantee you that this is the best place and event space to host your next big day and events like wedding receptions, birthday party or a family dinner.

So, bring your friends and family to the Katra Lounge because you are guaranteed to receive the best services and a vast event space.

Moreover, the night out becomes more exciting when you experience the night in a culture inspired place. Well the Taj 2 lounge NYC is an Indian inspired lounge with fine décor of carved teak wood work, sandstone dancing shivas, magnificent mahogany, and copper topped bar. The Taj 2 Lounge NYC is a two-floor cocktail lounge filled with beauty and style. The flavorful food menu offers you Indian cuisine with a creative edge that is they include attentive elements and aromatic ingredients which no other restaurant can replicate and can only be tasted at Taj. Enjoy the exquisite drinks and eclectic wines along with a wide variety of beers, frozen cocktails, ciders, and spirits from all around the world. The Taj 2 Lounge NYC ensures that your experience of a corporate or special event at the lounges becomes a memorable one.

So, gather all your family members and friends because Taj Lounge is popular for its special event space and welcoming staff. And rock the party.


The rooftop bars of the New York City are the best place to step in the summer season. When the air touches your face, you feel and stress free. These places provide you with ultimate comfort and ease.

And so The Hudson Terrace rooftop bar is a bi level cocktail lounge which opens its climate controlled weather shielded roof to the public. With Hudson River views, the bar offer you drinks like mojitos, frozen cocktails, wines and beers which you sip while enjoying items from the grill including a duet of mini Kobe burgers. The A/V sound system at The Hudson Terrace rooftop bar is matchless in terms of quality, pattern and configuration. You are welcomed at the bar to listen to some premium music. The place provides you with the best view in town coupled with the best speakers and sound. The state of the art lights and audio and visual equipment is an important part of the Hudson Terrace rooftop bar. The place offers a vast event space providing you with a combination of an upscale lounge and a modern nightclub. The temperature controlled retractable rooftop can be easily altered into any setting for any private event you can in.

Moreover, while going out for a night out with friends, you can be who you want only if you adhere to the dress code recommended by the club. And so, in addition to the best skyline views, The Skyroom bar has also specified a dress code. Well, the Skyroom NYC dress code is no different than the other clubs. The Skyroom NYC dress code let the boys wear dress shirts with dress pants or dark jeans and dress shoes or collared shirts or button downs with fitted dark denim paired with elegant shoes . And ladies you can rock the party with cute blouses and skirts or dress with high heels. The Sky room NYC dress code doesn’t allow people to step in the club wearing ripped or torn clothing, baggy attire, t-shirts, shorts, flats, flip flops, hats, boots or athletic gear.

So, choose the best dress that matches the dress code recommended by the Skyroom club because if you or any of your friends failed to abide by the dress code, the doorman will not let you in.


As the city of Night, life has many popular night clubs that make the New York City famous for its night out and night life. The party at the clubs of New York City continues till the run the sun rises. The never ending dance parties are the purpose of calling the New York City as the city that never sleeps.

Among all the dance clubs of New York, a club that is unique and elegant known as Jayz bar or popularly known as 40/40 club is famous for its gaming. It is a unique sports bar along with a VIP lounge, at 985 square feet. Jay z bar is one of the most popular gaming and sports bar throughout New York City. The luxuriously architect bar, themed with the color combination of caramel brown and gold makes the bar stylish as well. Jay z bar/ lounge/ restaurant is an all-American sports bar. The box styled sitting area let the people relax on the comfy couches and sofas. The Jay z bar has private rooms upstairs. There are huge LCD’s, LED’s and plasma TV’s and HD televisions fixed in the walls of the clubs. The club offers amazing bottle services and packages. Jay z bar has the largest VIP that can fit in 80 guests. The wood floor and huge ceilings upgrade the décor of Jay z bar.

Another most exquisite club of New York City is marquee club. Like other clubs of New York City marquee club is also unique and elegant. Beautifully decorated featuring 30-foot ceilings and LED screens. The marquee club is a colorful multi tiered club. But most importantly marquee New York upcoming events make the club popular, as world biggest events are organized at the Marquee club.

There is a lot of marquees New York upcoming event, and everyone wishes to be a part of it. The events that are celebrated at the club are amazing. The club arranges the hottest dance parties at the marquee New York upcoming events. Independence Day, Christmas celebration, Halloween parties, masquerade parties, new year eve celebration all of these marquee New York upcoming events are marked in the marquee club calendar and are celebrated with joy and excitement at the club.

Book yourself and buy tickets for the marquee New York upcoming events. As there are limited tickets available so hurry up and make the reservation for the upcoming events.


New York City is popular for its nightlife, and the clubs open throughout the streets of NYC. The main purpose of these clubs is to entertain the party lovers. The dance parties, décor, music, sound system, drinks, dine in, live performances and much more. All of these things are important to make any night out full of excitement. A city that never sleeps loves to party, and all the five boroughs of New York City has many best hip hop lounges, bars, and clubs. Manhattan is the most popular borough of New York City and is commonly known as the heart of New York City by the New Yorkers.

If you are looking forward to the party in New York City and want to make any night out full of excitement, then step into the best dance clubs in Manhattan. There is no better place then to the party in the heart of Manhattan. The best dance clubs in Manhattan are luxurious and trendy. The interior exterior of the clubs is fully furnished and designed with artistry techniques. The wall prints and décor is eye opening. The music played at the clubs of Manhattan is latest and loud. The sound system of the best dance clubs in Manhattan is crystal clear and loud so that the crowd of the club enjoys every bit of the music. As all of these clubbing needs make the night life of the clubs of Manhattan complete. The best clubs of Manhattan also organizes events the hottest dance parties. The people move toward the clubs of Manhattan to celebrate the big event and to attend world’s hottest dance parties.

New York City New Years Eve 2018 is also celebrated in the clubs of Manhattan. A lot of arrangements and hottest dance parties are arranged for the New York City New Year Eve 2018. As the clock shows 12, the people welcome the upcoming year with laughter and love. The cheerful crowd celebrates New York City New Year Eve 2017 with excitement and joy. Sightseeing fireworks are popped in the sky; music becomes louder as the New York City New Year Eve 2018 arrives. The craziness of counting the last minutes before the clock strikes become more exciting when the people sip up the drinks and start the countdown together.

Gather with your friends and family at the best dance clubs in Manhattan and enjoy the dance parties of New York City New Year Eve 2018.