As the city of Night, life has many popular night clubs that make the New York City famous for its night out and night life. The party at the clubs of New York City continues till the run the sun rises. The never ending dance parties are the purpose of calling the New York City as the city that never sleeps.

Among all the dance clubs of New York, a club that is unique and elegant known as Jayz bar or popularly known as 40/40 club is famous for its gaming. It is a unique sports bar along with a VIP lounge, at 985 square feet. Jay z bar is one of the most popular gaming and sports bar throughout New York City. The luxuriously architect bar, themed with the color combination of caramel brown and gold makes the bar stylish as well. Jay z bar/ lounge/ restaurant is an all-American sports bar. The box styled sitting area let the people relax on the comfy couches and sofas. The Jay z bar has private rooms upstairs. There are huge LCD’s, LED’s and plasma TV’s and HD televisions fixed in the walls of the clubs. The club offers amazing bottle services and packages. Jay z bar has the largest VIP that can fit in 80 guests. The wood floor and huge ceilings upgrade the décor of Jay z bar.

Another most exquisite club of New York City is marquee club. Like other clubs of New York City marquee club is also unique and elegant. Beautifully decorated featuring 30-foot ceilings and LED screens. The marquee club is a colorful multi tiered club. But most importantly marquee New York upcoming events make the club popular, as world biggest events are organized at the Marquee club.

There is a lot of marquees New York upcoming event, and everyone wishes to be a part of it. The events that are celebrated at the club are amazing. The club arranges the hottest dance parties at the marquee New York upcoming events. Independence Day, Christmas celebration, Halloween parties, masquerade parties, new year eve celebration all of these marquee New York upcoming events are marked in the marquee club calendar and are celebrated with joy and excitement at the club.

Book yourself and buy tickets for the marquee New York upcoming events. As there are limited tickets available so hurry up and make the reservation for the upcoming events.

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